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New Arrival Collection: New Looks Good on You

New Arrival Collections brings excitement throughout the season. An expertly, handcrafted capsule that compliments what you already have. And don’t you know, new looks good on you, especially if you love what you wear!

Shopping with Convenience

Yesterday, a friend and I met for lunch and decided to browse the nearby department store for something new.  It brought back to the fun of shopping with friends, chit chatting about any and everything.  We browsed through some really, nice and cute things but something stuck out at me.  What I saw on the floor did not line up with what they offer on their website or app.  And I had a hard time finding someone that could help us navigate through the merchandise.

What if you could shop all in one place with access to everything AND have that personalized attention by a human every step of the way?  That’s my mission as your fashion stylist.  I want to bring you confidence in how you look and how you feel at your convenience.  While other brands re-purpose older designs, cabi continues to bring fresh, innovation pieces that mix and match into a fully functional wardrobe. And as your fashion stylist, I can offer a variety of shopping options to fit your schedule and outfit ideas and easy access to accessories for that put-together look.

Don’t Miss Out on Something New for You

Anticipating the new arrival of cabi’s New Arrival Collection- The Curator.  The collection brings bright and vibrant colors like a fun, Spring day and the silhouettes are as cool as a Summer Breeze.  The designing genius continues and no one wants to miss out on these one of a kind pieces.  

Weekend Dress ($129)
Tickled Pink Shirt ($99) in Park Short ($99)
tie dye spring dress
Celebration Dress ($129)
Seaside Top ($99)

This gorgeous new collection drops on April 28 but as subscriber, you get the first opportunity to reserve yours NOW- April 25 and when orders get fulfilled, you get free shipping!

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