Month: October 2022

Best Dressed When Traveling

Best Dressed When Traveling

What is best dressed when traveling?  It is feeling and looking first-class no matter where you sit on the plane.  You can have fashion and function when traveling on business or traveling for fun. Wear an oversized cardigan rather than packing it.  It is airline-chic-meets warmth-and-comfort while in flight.  Loafers are having a moment this […]

Jackets Top A Confident Look

Jackets Top A Confident Look Jackets top a confident look

Jackets top a confident look especially when you mean business.  The unspoken word on jackets is power.  Where do you think the term “power suit” came from?  Yet, the spoken word is confidence.    Great fashion is no substitute for great performance, Scientific American reported studies showing that business attire increases creative, abstract thinking ——— perfect […]

Fall’s Neutral = A Color of Confidence

Fall’s Neutral = A Color of Confidence a color of confidence

Who wants to wear fall’s color of confidence?  Autumnal brown is a color story all it’s own.  This color that goes with anything is grounded in calm and resilience.  It blends beautifully but can stand out on its own. Brown was a favorite among designers on the fall runways.  Below are three sharp, elevated looks […]