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F20 Stellar Top Paired with S20 Cinch Skinny Jeans and S20 Grace Jacket

Fall in Love with Summer Looks

Featured Image: F20 Stellar Top Paired with S20 Cinch Skinny Jeans and S20 Grace Jacket

Transition outfits ensure you get the most out of your wardrobe.  Gone are the days of wearing things from a Spring collection just in the Spring and Fall collection pieces just in the Fall.  It’s not an either/or….it’s a BOTH/AND.

There is no mistake that it’s still Summer when you step outside but this is the time when the designers at cabi bring us the upcoming Fall line.  The excitement about this schedule is getting to create transition outfits by pairing pieces from the Spring/Summer collection with pieces from of the Fall collection.

To me, the key is white denim.  Why? It goes with everything Summer and everything Fall.  

FABULOUS = White Denim + Fall/Summer top + Fall/Summer Third Piece

Other designers are following “Suit” with the cabi schedule.  Vogue Business cited that Cloe’ and Michael Kors (among others) have pivoted to two collections each calendar year rather than four – five.  In response to market changes in traditional retail, these brands found a better schedule….a schedule cabi has followed for the last 20 years.  cabi found a winner by delivering to clients what they want to wear when they want to wear it.  Just in time for the new collection, cabi released the mini-collection FALL FASHION FLASH and check out the unboxing of these five must-have pieces and creating transition outfits:

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