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Plaid pants with black boots

Is Your Wardrobe Working for You?

Is your wardrobe working for you?

Professor Karen Pine, author of  Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion, demonstrates that clothing makes a difference in mental agility. 

This means that the right clothing choices positively influence your productivity at work.  Talk about dress for success….literally.

Below are three ways to help your work wardrobe help you.  See the shoppable links and widgets and give your look a promotion. 

Why not look and feel like the success you are meant to be?!

Back to the Basics

Olive Jacket * Boyfriend Jeans * Sleeveless Blouse * Snakeskin Belt * Pearl Earring * Pearl Necklace * Pearl Bracelet

Depending on your company culture, denim adds a casual feel while the jacket attracts influence.  Plus, the jacket elevates the corporate casual dress code so your wardrobe is working for you.

Plaid Suits You

Plaid Jacket * Plaid Trouser * Black Sweater * Gold Chunky Necklace * Black Booties

Matching jackets/trousers still have a place in corporate women’s fashion.  This classic pattern modernized has your wardrobe working for you.

Wear this FW21 inspo and feel good while looking good at the same time. How about that for efficiency?

Corporate Capsule

15 out fits out of 10 pieces

Camel Coat * Olive Jacket * Olive Trouser * Fall Floral Blouse * Black Oversized Blazer * Black Slim Trouser * White Blouse * Plaid Jacket * Ruffle V Neck Blouse * Dark Wash Skinny Jean * Snakeskin Belt* Gold Ring Earring * Gold Chunky Necklace * Pearl Earring * Pearl Necklace

Ten pieces give you endless possibilities so your wardrobe is working for you. The oversized blazer is so on trend. And, see how olive green goes with everything.

Pull together the look with shoes, accessories and the perfect tote.

Where to Start

You always have shopping options, but if you are not sure how to dress for success, Barbara Crouch Style can help.  

Contact us.…or book a styling session (virtual options available) for fashion on your time.

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